Sunday, June 25, 2017

Increased exit velocity ...

"Though Tebow was batting just .222 with a .651 OPS in 63 games for Columbia, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said the team has been impressed by his increased exit velocity, among other advanced metrics."

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tyler Austin saves the day.

I just find it amusing that Chris Carter's replacement went 0-for-3 with 2 strikeouts and a GIDP.

Austin will probably be better than Carter, but not much better.

Carter was low-risk/low-reward the whole time. He wasn't supposed to start at first base. He probably can contribute some power to a major league team as a pinch hitter vs. left-handed pitchers, play a little backup first base.

So I'm certainly not crying about his departure ... I am baffled by the negative attention he received in the first place.

Gary Sanchez's fieldings stats.

Six errors and six passed balls in 38 games as catcher.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Yankees have to prove themselves?

Five games out of last place.

One title in past 17 years.

Worst losing streak in 10 years.

Reliance on players with 100 major league games under their belts.

I disagree that they have to prove themselves. I'm already cutting up ticker tape for the parade.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Girardi must be smarter than I am.

I remember prior to the home stand vs. Boston and Baltimore. A very successful home stand.

At that time, Girardi said he was more worried about the let down on the road trip that followed. Which was not very successful.

Net negative

Daniel Murphy has a 28-game hitting streak vs. the Mets. I did not verify this info, but I hope it is true.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Of course Hicks will continue starting.

Be a little wary, however, of a player who is batting 100 points higher than his career average.

The question is not whether or not Hicks takes Ellbury's spot in the starting roster. The question is whether Frazier will take Ellsbury's roster spot ... and whether Torres will take Headley's roster spot.

The YES Network propaganda machine surely seems to be setting the stage with its startling focus on minor league players.

The thing that will surprise most Yankee fans is that Ellsbury really has not played all that poorly.

Seattle vs. NYY

The odd thing about the Cano signing is that the Yankees have had a better record than Seattle in the 3 1/3 seasons since. Quick math says the Yankees have been 10 games better. Not a huge difference over 3 1/3 seasons.

But the really odd thing is that, so far in 2017, the Yankees have a better second baseman.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Gaping Hole

"Former Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira returned to New York Wednesday, but unfortunately not to fill the gaping hole at first base in the Bronx."

Chris Carter is batting .200 with 7 HRs. Teixeira couldn't do any better. Carter is late-career Mark Teixeira at a fraction of the cost.

The rest of the article details Teixeira's contributions to his new career as baseball analyst:

  • Aaron Judge is big and powerful
  • Luis Severino is playing well
  • Greg Bird will come off the DL and play first base for the Yankees

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

New York is a Mets Town

He shouldn't be allowed to write about the Yankees anymore after promoting the Mets for decades.

 Were you expecting a recap of Shane Spencer's career? Well, you got one:
"There was a time in the 1990s ... "
 AKA 1998.

" ... when Shane Spencer showed up at the old Stadium in September '98, joining one of the greatest Yankees teams of them all, and proceeded to hit eight homers in 14 games, including three grand slams. A shooting September star if there ever was one, with an OPS of his own over 1.000. Spencer hit a home run his first time up in the playoffs against the Texas Rangers before fading ..."
Well, he hit another HR in the very next game against Texas, so ...

" ... and eventually playing out his career in places that were not New York City."
  I guess the Mets are not New York City.

Drastic Measures

"With that in mind, I’d try putting Tanaka on the 10-day disabled list simply as a timeout of sorts, to see if some rest and time to clear his head would make a difference.

It could be tricky, because Tanaka might not like the idea of being sat down, but he didn’t protest when asked afterward if it might help him to at least skip a start."

I wouldn't consider a bogus trip to the DL to be a drastic measure.

I thought he was going to suggest:
  • Benching Tanaka
  • Moving Tanaka to the bullpen
  • Trading Tanaka

Betcha didn't see this coming.

Taking him out after a mere 62 pitches might set him up better for his next start. Not sure how you can ignore his track record and remove him from the rotation.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

It seems a lot longer than five years ago.

Maybe because Johan Santana's career quickly went downhill afterwards.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Only time will tell if they stand the test of time.

It's amazing how much time baseball fans spend talking about the past and the future.

The Yankees need to add Gerrit Cole in July so they can make the World Series. The 2017 World Series, in case you were wondering.

Friday, May 19, 2017

It's Mike Trout's trip to Flushing.

"When Magic Johnson was still playing for the Lakers, and the Lakers would make their one trip to New York City and to Madison Square Garden to play the Knicks, he always described it the same way.

'My one night a year on Broadway,' Magic said.


But now, because of Interleague Play, Trout gets another trip to New York this weekend, when the Angels play the Mets. It is a very big deal, because of Trout's big talent for baseball. The city receives a most honored baseball guest."

If I can make it at Laguardia Airpot / I can make it anywhere / It's up to you / Flushing, Queens / Flushing, Queens

"It is an occasion because of a Jersey kid named Mike Trout, who comes to the East Coast and gets to show everybody that he does things on a baseball field that Mickey Mantle did when he was the age that Trout is now, which means 25."

"... he does things on a baseball field that Mickey Mantle did when he was the age that Trout is now, which means 25."

This man is paid to construct sentences such as the sentence you just read.

"Certainly there is so much baseball to be played. So much can happen across the last three-quarters of the season, with the Astros and everybody else. For now, manager Mike Scioscia continues to have a front-row seat to the kid's genius or magic, none of which are ever lost on him. He never takes the kid for granted. You worry sometimes that everybody else does.
'It looks like he's doing things easier,,' Scioscia said the other day.
Then Trout hit another one against the White Sox before heading for the airport and heading East. At least the kid gets to play close to home this weekend. At least the new Mantle gets an extra weekend in New York this season."
I am sure at least 15,000 fans will bring the buzz at CitiField tonight.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Starlin Castro is not going to win the batting title.

I'd gladly sign up right now for top 20 or anything above .295.

But may as well enjoy it while it lasts.

Houston has the right stuff.

Lupica at the top of his national game with a reference to a 34-year-old movie.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Alex Rodriguez is neither articulate nor intelligent.

There is no reason to think he'll be a useful guest judge on Shark Tank or a worthwhile color commentator.

He is well-known, so maybe his presence will increase viewership. That's not my gripe.

My gripe is that he's still on the Yankee payroll. So consult or something. When you're not consulting, maybe you can do something useful for your $21 million, like alphabetize the helmets in the locker room. For the players on the field who get paid to play baseball.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Yeah, it's early, but here's the problem ...

... The Four Horseman of Queens when the Mets have the worst starting ERA in all of MLB. Now they just look like four bloated idiots who need to put down the forks and pick up an electric razor:

"The Mets currently are without their best hitter, their best starting pitcher, and now their closer, and I’m just wondering what other team in baseball has encountered anything like that this season."

I don't want to use injuries as an excuse.

"So the Mets came into Saturday two games under .500."

And left Sunday four games under .500 ... ha cha cha.

"The Cubs, champions of the world, destiny’s darlings, with pretty much all of their main guys?

They were one game over .500."

Yes, the Cubs are disappointing as, errr ... "destiny's darlings" ... so the Mets are therefore playing well? Because the Cubs are also playing poorly?

Also, the Cubs are the World Champs. The current World Champs. Mission: Accomplished.

So I don't see the point.

Most disappointing teams so far are the Giants, Blue Jays, Cubs, Mets ... maybe the Mariners and Pirates, too?

The season isn't over. Is that the point?

Or are the Mets supposed to keep their chins up by comparing themselves to the under-performing Cubs?

Or are you just a sad cheerleader for the Mets?

"Matt Harvey is now a lifetime .500 pitcher, 31-31, at the age of 28.

Ron Darling never had Harvey’s talent, at least the talent Harvey once showed at Citi Field.

He certainly didn’t have Harvey’s fastball.

But by the time Darling was 28, his record in the big leagues was 73-41.

And Darling won 14 more games, more than Harvey’s ever won in a single season, the year he turned 29."

Yes, Matt Harvey is mostly hype, though still kind of young, so maybe he'll turn it around.

Can you think of any NY Daily News columnist who has largely fed the Harvey hype?

Not to mention Josh Satin hype.

In fact, I beg Mike Lupica to never say anything positive about the 2017 Yankees. Don't jinx it.