Sunday, October 12, 2014

Apparently, Mike Lupica knows people who talk about the Yankees like it's the '90s.

"A better way is the Cardinals, who have become the model organization of the sport without buying their way here. They are now in the NLCS for the fourth consecutive year, have won two World Series over the past decade, lost two others to Boston. The Giants, who don’t buy their way to October, are looking to win a third World Series in five years."


The Yankees have not been as successful in recent years as the Cardinals or the Giants.

Thank you for your in-depth baseball observations.

As for the team payrolls for the Giants and the Cardinals, it's like $140 million and $110 million, respectively.

They're still buying their way to October.

"The Yankees, with general manager Brian Cashman getting a new three-year contract, basically say they aren’t going to change. It means they are going to keep spending like drunks. They have spent about $3 billion to win one World Series since 2000."


I verified this with exactly 1 second of research.

"But we still talk about them like it’s the ’90s, and they are just a couple of moves away. They’re not."


Who does this?

Who still talks about the Yankees like it's the '90s?

I don't know of any group -- players, coaches, writers, fans, announcers -- who talk about the Yankees like it's the '90s.

"We" isn't me or anyone I know.

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