Monday, December 01, 2014


"The league reported 10 positive tests for stimulants - which MLB first banned before the start of the 2006 season — between the 2013-14 offseason through the end of the '14 postseason, two positive tests for steroids — Boldenone and Methandienone — and the one non-analytical positive, which is the result of evidence of a violation other than from a positive test.

All cases resulted in discipline, including a season-long ban for Rodriguez, whose suspension was upheld by an arbitrator in January. By comparison, the league reported eight positive tests for stimulants a year ago, and zero positive tests for steroids and performance-enhancing substances. There were 13 non-analytical positives for steroids in 2013, all resulting in suspensions stemming from baseball’s Biogenesis steroid investigation."

That's what I thought:Two positive tests for steroids in two years.

MLB basically found none of their steroid users. The newspapers found all the steroid users.

Guess how many therapeutic use exemptions in MLB?:

"The number of TUEs granted in the past year was 113 - one for hypogonadism and 112 for attention deficit disorder."

That's four players per team with Attention Deficit Disorder. It's amazing that Selig rides off into the sunset with accolades from the three-monkey press corps.

ARod was caught because his supplier is from Miami.

If ARod played in Boston, he'd be going to the Hall of Fame, supported by a compliant press corps and compliant MLB officers.

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