Sunday, January 25, 2015

The New York Daily News is odd in its sports coverage.

Pro-Jets, pro-Mets, pro-Selig:

"All those who are still prosecuting Bud Selig for the 1990s in baseball must look back on that time and see themselves leading the crusade against steroids."

1) When Lupica relegates the steroids era to "the 1990s," he is part of the problem. Actually, it's impossible that Lupica is that stupid and that ignorant. It means he's a shill.

2) "Still prosecuting" implies that Selig was prosecuted in the first place. But he wasn't. Selig profited from the ongoing steroid era for decades. So did lots of people in leadership positions, some of whom are in the HOF.

3) To whom is Lupica directing his indignation? Other sportswriters? Fair enough. Most sportswriters don't care about steroid use. Most sportswriters (ahem) throw softballs at athlete-celebrities (cough cough) so they can maintain access.

At fans? Not our job. That's your job.

4) The current gripe with Selig is not so much that he failed to lead the crusade against steroids. It's that, in a last-ditch effort to save his own reputation, he went after Alex Rodriguez ... and only Alex Rodriguez.

"You tell me which commissioner, in any sport, did more good for that sport over the last 20 years than Selig did for Major League Baseball."

Easy answer: Tagliabue/Goodell.

During the last 20 years, the NFL went from the most popular sport in America to the most popular thing in America.

"You know what kind of drug testing baseball has without Selig, and if the Major League Players Association continued to have its way?



As Marvin Miller said, no drug testing without a search warrant.

By the way, the difference would be non-existent. The difference between no drug testing and the current state of MLB drug testing.

But maybe the Daily News Investigative Yahoos could beat the pavement a little bit. Figure this out. It might be a good use of resources, preferable to an exciting exclusive about a non-meeting.

Great stuff right there. Alex Rodriguez did not meet with the Yankees.

What have we got in the entertainment section of this fine newspaper? Exclusive! Character Actor Jm J. Bullock did not meet the Pope yesterday.

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