Monday, July 24, 2017

Clint Frazier growing pains.

The author lists 4 options -- DFA, trade, release, and demote -- and assigns a probability of 0% to all 4.

That leads us to option #5:

"5. KEEP

As one baseball insider put it Monday, 'Ellsbury is not a bad backup option to come off the bench or if the Yankees suffer another injury to an outfielder.' Hicks (oblique) will reportedly come off the DL in two to three weeks, but if that schedule changes, Ellsbury is still an above-average player to have on the bench.

The Yankees’ best option appears to be the status quo one — as long as they are paying Ellsbury the big bucks, they are best served having him available to play when the need arises."

It really requires a baseball insider to acknowledge that Jacoby Ellsbury is a worthwhile baseball player? Even as a backup?

Clint Frazier has been pretty good. A red-headed flash who has a lot of extra base hits. He also has one whole walk and an on-base% slightly better than Chris Carter's. Along with 18 strikeouts, but, whatever.

I am genuinely willing to turn over the team to the youngsters. But I also know what's going to happen in the next 70 games. Frazier is going to slump, he's going to make a couple of bad throws at inopportune times, and he's going to get thrown out at third base with two outs in the ninth inning of a tie game.

His current .295 batting average may be a 2017 peak and, like I mentioned, a .300 on-base% sounds like a #9 hitter and not the next "Mike Trout" (remember that?).

So give the kid a chance. He may learn something that pays off down the road. Or maybe he's, like, the second coming of Fred Lynn, ready to dominate out of the gate and lead his team to the World Series.

I just think that Yankee fans (and players and coaches) are star struck once again. They don't like Ellsbury and Ellsbury has not lived up to his contract. I still think the piling on is kinda dumb ... he isn't that bad.

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