Thursday, November 06, 2014

Francesa kisses ARod's butt in the search for ratings.

If anything, Francesa should kiss John Idzik's butt a little and try to get past the Jets' boycott of his show:

"The content and tone of the Pope’s sermon made it clear he wants to reprise his role of A-Rod’s designated interviewer/pro bono attorney in the next exclusive one-on-one. Short of reminding Rodriguez to bring his pillow to their next pillow fight, Francesa did everything he could to nail down the next one-on-one.

'Would I have him back on the show? Absolutely, tomorrow,' Francesa, without hesitation, told one of his callers. 'I would be stupid not to. No one would turn down an interview with him.'

Someone who takes lying seriously, or being used, might."

So says Bob Raissman, while writing another story about ARod. 

Look, it may not be hypocritical for the Daily News to criticize ARod while ignoring all the other steroid cheats ... but it's absolutely hypocritical for the Daily News to criticize people who pay attention to ARod in the search for ratings.

Francesa got the interview. Mad Dog would kill for that interview. Raissman would be so excited to get this interview, he'd pee his pants on the air at SNY.

"Even though his gut told him his client, er, interview subject was probably lying, Francesa portrayed Rodriguez as a martyr. And he portrayed himself as a pit bull saying he asked Rodriguez the same questions (are you still doing steroids, did you lie, etc.) '10 different ways.'

A few minutes later, Francesa said he asked the question '20 different ways.'

A few minutes later: '42 different ways. What did you want me to do, yell at him?' Francesa said on the air. 'Tell him, "You’re lying." '

Well, yeah."

Well, no.

Raissman, of course, is holding Mike Francesa to exceedingly high journalistic standards, even though Francesa is not a journalist and makes no claims to be a journalist.

Bob Costas was lied to by Jerry Sandusky. Go listen to it. It's chilling and it's also amazing. "I enjoy young people."

Even though I am not always the biggest Costas fan, this was a great interview.

What kind of skill does an interviewer possess to get a grown man to say, "I enjoy young people"?

Costas didn't act angry with Sandusky, the prison-bound child molester. The interviewer needs access to the interviewee.

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