Sunday, November 02, 2014

What's the agenda?

It's very important for Mike Lupica to convince you that the 2014 World Series was great:

"People act as if the World Series wasn’t great or memorable until the end because it didn’t have enough one-run games, like we did in that magnificent seven-game series between the Twins and Braves in 1991.

If they really think that, they don’t know what they were watching."

Funny you should mention what I was watching. Netflix probably got a workout, if you know what I mean.

I believe Schwarzenegger's "Conan the Barbarian" was on one night, but I don't remember for sure. That's always fun, even when toned down for basic cable.

Also, I'm always a sucker for reruns of "Law and Order."

So that's probably how "people acted." They didn't "act" like the World Series wasn't great or memorable, these "people," when they "acted." They didn't have an opinion one way or the other.

"It had the Giants scoring 15 straight runs after the Royals led 4-1 in Game 4, and then it had the Royals coming back and scoring the next 10 runs after that. Go find another World Series in all of baseball history where anything like that happened."

Gee, when you put it that way, it sounds more boring than I thought it was.

"In the end, you know what the 2014 World Series really was?

A celebration of baseball.

It was a full-out celebration that made a lie out of the notion from fake baseball fans and fake baseball experts that if you don’t have home runs in baseball you don’t have anything."

Fair enough.

Baseball could use more fans, fake or otherwise, that's for sure.

Also, it is very clear that the author of this statement only watches about 20 baseball games per year, and maybe about 120 total innings. Maybe I'm underestimating ... I'll change that to 120 innings when Harvey and Tanaka are not pitching, how's that?

When it the last time Lupica pushed his weight around to score seats for a mid-week game between two #5 starters, White Sox vs. the Yankees?

Do you think Lupica could name the Mets' starting five without looking it up?

Real fans care about that game simply because they're real fans. Fans of actual baseball, not just fans of player gossip or GM moves.

Real baseball experts ... well ... I have ten years of archived material calling out this guy's dopey predictions. (Sonny Gray is going to win the Cy Young ... I never saw him pitch, but I looked it up on fangraphs because I had a column due on Sunday morning.) I mean, Lupica  is the kind of self-professed baseball expert who couldn't get the $10 question on "Beer Money."

He hate homers so much, but his relationship with one of his sons was apparently built on the backs of McGwire and Sosa ... or maybe the author of that book is just a fake baseball fan.

Sorry, pal, it's not going to work.

Selig's legacy is steroids.

I see the narrative you're trying to push. The Wild Card World Series, the banishment of ARod, the Salvation of Selig, all rolled up into one ... the Little World Series that Could ... the Thinking Man's World Series ... the Old School World Series for Aficionados of the Game.

Stupid and incorrect.

You are the fake baseball fan, you are the fake baseball expert, and your Favorite Commissioner is a fraud. Madison Bumgarner didn't wash away your sins.

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