Wednesday, June 07, 2017

New York is a Mets Town

He shouldn't be allowed to write about the Yankees anymore after promoting the Mets for decades.

 Were you expecting a recap of Shane Spencer's career? Well, you got one:
"There was a time in the 1990s ... "
 AKA 1998.

" ... when Shane Spencer showed up at the old Stadium in September '98, joining one of the greatest Yankees teams of them all, and proceeded to hit eight homers in 14 games, including three grand slams. A shooting September star if there ever was one, with an OPS of his own over 1.000. Spencer hit a home run his first time up in the playoffs against the Texas Rangers before fading ..."
Well, he hit another HR in the very next game against Texas, so ...

" ... and eventually playing out his career in places that were not New York City."
  I guess the Mets are not New York City.

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