Sunday, April 05, 2009

Teaching pitching to a pitcher.

"Five down

Joba Chamberlain’s right arm.

Sorry, there’s no over-looking a decline in velocity, even in spring, from a pitcher who suffered two shoulder injuries last year. Joba’s stiff front-leg delivery could be a problem, today and in the long-term."

When Joba was coming out of the bullpen, he was expected to pitch one inning. He often threw the ball 99 MPH.

As a starting pitcher, Joba is expected to throw six innings. He will not be able to throw the ball 99 MPH for six innings. Therefore, he isn't trying to throw the ball 99 MPH.

I don't know if Joba will be a great starting pitcher. I think he will be pretty good because he seems to know what's he doing out there. I know that he has learned this particular lesson sooner than most flamethrowers.

You know, if any other pitcher took this approach, Klapisch would remind us that it's call pitching instead of throwing.

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