Sunday, July 13, 2014


I must admit, Raissman almost got me with this one:

"With the rest of Masahiro Tanaka’s season in doubt, things could not be more serious for the Yankees organization.

Let’s hope Joe Girardi, along with the suits upstairs, don’t decide to circle the wagons and sharpen the focus by cutting out all extracurricular activities — such as Mark Teixeira’s hilarious 'Foul Territory' TV show, only on YES.

 This is just what Yankees fans, engulfed in gloom, need right now. Teixeira’s program is the kind of funny that makes stuff come out your nose. Tex plays the role of a dopey/robotic interviewer. We have yet to figure out what baseball writer Teixeira based the character on.

There have been some classic interviews, including his A+ effort interviewing a 'brand new base.' Among the penetrating questions posed to the base are:

'When you were painted, did you think you would be a first base, a second base, a third base?'

'All right base, have you ever thought of being anything else — like home plate or a pitcher’s mound?'

And at one point Teixeira says: 'I’m going to pretend that he (the base) answers and move on to the next question.'

We are begging the suits not to cancel this show. And we are begging Teixeira to do a sit-down with John (Pa) Sterling and Suzyn (Ma) Waldman."

A+? Hilarious? Just what Yankee fans need?

Oh, I get it now. You're being sarcastic. Phew.

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