Thursday, July 03, 2014

Mike Lupica writes about Alex Rodriguez, at long last.

This is "baseball" in Mike Lupica's mind.

There is a actual MLB baseball season going on and Lupica really doesn't care about it.

I'll bet Lupica couldn't name ten pitchers in the AL. Ten good ones. Not ten names he dredged up from his memory.

Top Ten AL pitchers and you can't look it up on (and act as if you know who Sonny Gray is).

I'm not sure why it's so important for Lupica to torch a particular player.

I'm also not sure what Lance Armstrong has to do with it. I mean, I get that they both cheated, but I don't know why you'd link a PED baseball player to a PED bicyclist when there are so many other PED baseball players where the comparison works quite nicely.

I'm also not sure why Lupica is so weirdly willing to let Selig off the hook ... tell the rest of us what this story is really "about."

The thing is, ARod isn't even playing baseball this season.

We've reached the midpoint of the season, and while I'll admit that NY baseball is dreadful at the moment, a NY sportswriter theoretically signed up for the job of reporting on NY baseball.

The only thing that grabs Lupica's attention is another ARod takedown.

There has to be something about this season that is worth writing about.

How's Mike Baxter doing at AAA? That kid from Archbishop Molloy? You could do a profile on him.

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