Monday, February 16, 2015

He'll probably make the HOF, since his reputation is restored.

"Jason Giambi and Elvis Presley share a birthday. Like the King, Giambi has left the building."

Jason Giambi died?

Jason Giambi died just like Elvis?

Jason Giambi died of a heart attack while sitting on the toilet, straining to poop due to drug-induced constipation?

"The former Yankee announced his retirement Monday, telling the Daily News, 'It's time to come home.'

The 44-year-old Giambi, speaking exclusively to the News from his home in Las Vegas, said his desire to spend time with his wife, Kristian, and their two children, London, 3, and Tristan, 1, was the biggest factor in his decision."

That's cool.

But why was a Daily News reporter speaking to Jason Giambi in the first place?

The term "exclusive" means a lot more when it's used in conjunction with a relevant story or a sought-after interviewee.

"Giambi finished his career with 440 home runs, 1,441 RBI and a .277/.399/.516 slash line over parts of 20 seasons with the Athletics, Yankees, Rockies and Indians. He was a five-time American League All-Star, winning the league's Most Valuable Player award in 2000 and finishing second the following season.

Giambi is one of only 14 players since 1901 to have at least 400 homers, 1,400 RBI, 400 doubles and an on-base percentage of .399 or higher."

Great career. He will probably make the HOF, right?

"He also endured his share of tough times, most notably his involvement in the BALCO performance-enhancing drug scandal more than a decade ago. Unlike many players involved in PED scandals, Giambi emerged on the other side with his reputation restored, even becoming a finalist for Colorado's managerial job in 2012."

His reputation is restored?

Says who?

I suppose we'll see that hypothesis put to the test in five years.

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