Monday, February 23, 2015

It's too easy.

This one is even funnier, from pre-season 2012.

To be fair, I didn't find a good one from pre-season 2013:

"If Santana can come all the way back and be the Mets’ Opening Day starter, be something close to what he was before he tore up his shoulder, then maybe the Mets can be a team to watch again. And maybe, with everything stacked against them the way it is, they can be a team in which Mets fans can invest not just their money, but the belief that maybe things can get better, after 5½ years of what feels like a Biblical plague since Molina hit that Game 7 home run and Carlos Beltran took a called strike three with the season on the bases at old Shea Stadium.

Maybe in six weeks, if baseball goes right for the Mets and if the owners get the decision they think they will get in Judge Jed Rakoff’s courtroom, then maybe they can start being the Mets again, instead of the New York Madoffs.


Then Collins was talking about his message to his players this spring, so many of them kids, as the Mets try to somehow come back from everything that has happened to them, on and off the field, for a long time.

'We talk a lot about belief around here,'he said. 'I tell our players all the time, if they don’t believe in themselves, how can I believe in them, how can the organization believe in them, how can our fans believe in them?' "

74 wins.

Lupica recycles the same article every year and then claims that he hasn't been this optimistic about the Mets in, like, forever.

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