Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The greatest baseball player alive? Or the greatest human being alive?


"Giambi finishes his career with 440 homers, 1,441 RBIs, the 2000 MVP award and five All-Star selections. Whether he warrants enshrinement in Cooperstown is another matter altogether, one that's premature to decide now, but at least worth discussing.  


Using the JAWS metric, Giambi (46.5) falls below the threshold of the average first-baseman in the Hall of Fame (54.2). He also doesn't measure up to Jeff Bagwell (63.9) or even Mark McGwire (51.9) — so that coupled with his PED use doesn't bode well for Giambi."

Oh, yeah ... the PED use! I knew something was holding him back.

I mean, I don't really care all that much about PED use in the first place. If Giambi goes into the HOF, then a whole lot of superior cheaters should go before him.

What we are learning is what we knew all along. The anger directed towards certain PED players is not because of PEDs. Some players are likeable and some players are not likeable.

Palmeiro and ARod are villains. Pettitte and Giambi are classy.
The HOF? The MVP votes? All star games? The praise (or relative lack of praise) when a player retires/apologizes?

That's fine. Mike Oz is entitled to biased opinions.

The problem is that a player doesn't deserve to be stripped of money and games because he is unlikeable. That isn't justice. ARod deserved 50 games like everybody else.

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