Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Let's simplify your mission statement.

It doesn't look good, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt with the injuries. He seems like a man who isn't particularly committed to physical conditioning or proactively fighting the effects of aging or making sure he's always on the field. But you never know. Maybe he's a tough guy and his body is sending cautionary signals.

In any case, he overestimates his contributions when healthy:

" 'Physically, this has been a very difficult year for me,' Teixeira said. 'The only consolation I take is that when I am healthy and feeling good and can get a nice stretch of games, I’m still driving in runs and hitting home runs and that’s what I’m here for.' "

This is the problem right here.

He thinks his job is to hit home runs, and that's a complication. His job is to drive in runs.

If he scores 100 or so, that would be fine, too. Can't discourage walks.

Bu this fundamental misunderstanding is precisely how you end up with a cleanup hitter with 14 solo HRs and terrible RISP stats.

Also, if you project his stats for 700 plate appearances, it's, like, 35 HRs an 91 RBIs. Still nothing special for a cleanup hitter playing home games at Yankee Stadium.

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