Friday, August 29, 2014

Jeter plays shortstop and bats second.

The Yankees made this decision 10 years ago, when a 'roided-up ARod was moved to third base.

With a month left on the Jeter Retirement Tour, nobody is going to mess with the captain now.

"Now some may ask, what’s the alternative at this point in the season?

We actually came up with one based on a simple premise: ranking the Yankees hitters by their August OPS.

That produces a lineup of Jacoby Ellsbury (CF), Martin Prado (RF), Carlos Beltran (DH), Mark Teixeira (1B), Chase Headley (3B), Brett Gardner (LF), Stephen Drew (2B) and Jeter (SS)."

Guess who I'm about to mention?

At this moment, the Yankee first baseman -- who goes by many nicknames -- Nails, Iron Horse, Solo HR, AL MVP, Foul Territory -- has an actual batting average of .226.

So bat Prado fourth and send Fatso to the bench.

Jeter is past his prime. He hits into too many double plays and always has. He doesn't walk enough perhaps, though he can still handle the bat, so to speak. He is also in a midst of a slump, which he'll probably break out of soon. You could have said the same thing about Ellsbury a week ago.

The problem with the Yankee offense?

It really isn't Jeter.

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