Tuesday, September 02, 2014

That's quite a talent evaluator.

A scout whose qualifications are owning a television and watching Yankee games:

"The lineup poses two distinct problems for Joe Girardi in particular. He has no everyday replacement for Teixeira, yet watches his first baseman struggling to make contact, let alone drive the ball into the gaps. Over the last month, Teixeira has been striking out once every three at-bats, a decline so steep one talent evaluator said, 'It feels like I’m watching a totally different player' than the one the Yankees signed in 2009.

'[Teixeira] only seems to hit mistakes now,' said the scout. That’s what’s so demoralizing to ownership: Teixeira is owed another $45 million through 2016, which means the Yankees are stuck with him, just as they’ll be left to figure out what to do about Carlos Beltran, who’s also signed through ’16."

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