Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bob Raissman is the downstream feed.

"In his final days as a Yankee, Derek Jeter gave the media what he had not been able to deliver during his 20 seasons in pinstripes — controversy.

The more precise way of describing Jeter’s gift is this: He provided the media with the motivation to create a controversy. Of course this enabled Valley of the Stupid Gasbags, and commentators from other media precincts, to verbally take out cans of whup-ass and spray paint the Captain.

Or passionately rally to his defense."

Valley of the Stupid Gasbags? Says the guy who regularly appears on SNY?

"It was all entertaining. It also begged the question: Was all the passion, with the extreme points of view, more about evoking the 'Wow, did you hear what that guy said about Jeter' moment than it was about the legitimacy of the critique itself?"

Oh no, they're stealing my shtick.

"Jeter’s been around for two decades, so why did Olbermann wait so long to go to the whip? If he felt Jeter’s skills were so inferior, why not put the verbal beatdown on him years ago? Gee, why wait until Jeter’s end is near? Oh shucks, this is so hard to figure out."

I don't know if this is accurate.

The anti-Jeter backlash is deserved and I wouldn't be surprised if Olbermann has rolled his eyes several times over the past 20 years. I know I have.

I don't even think it's so much tangible vs. abstract. At this point, Jeter's leadership qualities are clearly overrated to such a degree that his actual tangible baseball-playing abilities are overshadowed.
I heard one talk radio caller say Jeter is a bi-racial healer and our society will fall apart without him. I paraphrase in this particular case, but that was kind of the gist of many teary-eyed old men: "Jeter transcends baseball."

I heard another say that Jeter should run for mayor. No word if Ricky Ledee would be the deputy mayor.

"See, everybody’s a winner here.

So, thanks Derek Jeter. Thanks for leaving us all with something to peddle. Free of charge."

Unsure if that's a confession.

But if Raissman is ripping his content providers for providing controversy, then what does that say about his column?

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