Sunday, September 28, 2014

In 2015, the Mets will be better than the Yankees.

After proclaiming Mets superiority for a decade or two, Lupica is finally poised to win a Pyrrhic Victory.

What did Lupica lose in the war?

All credibility:

"Which New York baseball team do you think is set up better for next season, the Mets or the Yankees?"

The Orioles were better than the Yankees this year. The Orioles finally won the AL East.

Except it felt like the Orioles won the "AL East" and finally beat the "Yankees."

When the Mets win 81 games in 2015 and the Yankees win 77, it will be a big deal to Lupica and Mets fans?


"Now that the farewell tours have ended, which Yankee are you buying tickets to watch play next season, especially if Tanaka has to miss next season because of Tommy John surgery?"

Got it. This is undoubtedly true.

But you can't have it both ways.

If you ridiculed Jeter's $20 million annual salary... and ARod's $25 million annual salary ... then you should at least recognize what they were paid to do.

They moved the product, and you're a dumb hypocrite because you are the first person to criticize ARod's contract.

"Which contract do you think looks better now for our kids on 161st. St., incidentally, Teixeira’s or Sabathia’s?"

David Wright's.

 "Alex Rodriguez’s contract, as you know, is in a league of its own."

It's like a reflex.

He really can't see it, can he?

I think the party is over for ARod. The Yankees will get little return for the remaining $60 million, both in terms of on-field production and ticket sales.

But if you really question the return on ARod's overall contract, then count the number of times your newspaper put him on the back page over the past 10 years.

Then, look up the Yankee Stadium attendance numbers.

Yankee Stadium II: The House that ARod Built.

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